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Tom and Jerry is an American animated series of short films created in 1940, by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. It centers on a rivalry between its two title characters, Tom and Jerry, and many recurring characters, based around slapstick comedy. The series has won 7 Academy Awards – more than any other character-based theatrical animated series!

The contrasting dualities of Tom and Jerry are unique and unmatched: friend and foe, naughty and smart, little and large, all combine to produce chaos and laughter. 

Despite the decades of endless battle, they can’t live without each other. Their adventures remain as fresh and timeless as when they were first created. 

They are a powerful global property with presence in every major category, chased by retailers and licensees around the globe. The brand is targeting 2-11 years old boys and girls, but also teens and adults. Perfect characters for consumers hungry for vintage and nostalgic icons on all kinds of goods–promotions, food and beverage, apparel, toys and games, and publishing.

Digital presence, online and social media
  • Half-hour series; 78 action-packed episodes Produced by Warner Bros. Animation on television
  • Season 2 of The Tom and Jerry Show continues to entertain kids of all ages 
  • Classic Episodes and Made-For Video releases airing regularly
  • 200 animated shorts that air around the world
  • The Tom and Jerry official Facebook page has over 42 million fans and is growing
  • Clips, Mash-Ups and more on the WBKids YouTube Channel!
  • New Global Website launched in summer 2016, where kids can play games, watch exclusive video content, read comics and download fun activities and more!

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