Russia. Fast & Furious x NIVEA MEN

Moscow. An exclusive personal care collection has been launched for Fast & Furious in collaboration with NIVEA MEN by Beiersdorf. The collection consists of 5 products: shower gel, shaving foam, lotion and aftershave, deodorant. Nivea for men is the most popular brand in the category of mass market and medium plus personal care for men in Russia, it occupies 40% of the market.

The launch  of collection is supported by a promo company in the one of the largest food retailers in Russia – X5 retail Group (15800 stores). The consumer needs to buy  one of the products of the Fast and the Furious collection, register a check on a special promo web site and can win valuable prizes. https://www.nivea.ru/highlights/forsazh

The prize pool is very different, and there are 2 super prizes – a car and tuning for your car. The stores have various marketing materials, as well as branded product pallets (1500 pallets). Beiersdorf also supports promos with special commercial in digital  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4Jo51dcjQA


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