Croatia. Sport and Fitness accessories with Warner Bros. by Polleo Sport

Zagreb. Polleo Sport is the largest specialized chain of sports and healthy nutrition stores for athletes and recreational athletes in Croatia.

Polleo Sport has just launched brand new series of Warner Bros licensed sport and fitness accessorize. Collection consists of shakers, water gallons, pill boxes, sport gloves, diaries to keep track of workout progress and motivational bracelet to help athletes remain motivated for their exercising goals. Products feature characters from our favourite movies such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many others as well as cute Tweety designs.

Collection was launched and presented in April on FLIBA fair in Cologne, the world's biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health, where Polleo is actively participating.

Products can be bought in Polleo Sport stores in Croatia and Slovenia or online on their web shop  https://polleosport.hr/


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