Croatia. Become a STEM Super Hero with CircuitMess Batmobile™!

Zagreb. Actual STEM, serious FUN. Welcome to the future of STEM education!


CircuitMess Batmobile™ is a robot car that comes with a controller, but it’s much more than just another RC car! CircuitMess Batmobile drives around autonomously using AI & machine learning. It comes disassembled, and you need to build it yourself, connect it to a computer afterwards and code it yorself.


The innovative product has the goal of improving STEM education and making educational toys more popular among young generations.It has launched on the 5th October on Kickstarter and has surpassed all expectations, funded with over 100 000 USD in 24 hours! The campaign is available until beginning of December, with a promotional price of 99 USD.


See the Batmobile™ on the below link in action!




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