Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wonder Woman 1984 activation by Sky Cola

Sarajevo. The next chapter of Elc Brands’ cooperation with Sky Cola is for Wonder Woman 1984 for the Adriatic market. This is a new, special edition of the favorite drink, dedicated to the most famous heroine of DC's Universe. The sequel to the amazing Wonder Woman movie from 2017 is highly anticipated by all.


Thanks to the partnership between Sarajevski Kiseljak and one of the most famous Hollywood studios, Warner Bross, part of the global euphoria due to Wonder Woman's new adventures will be transferred to Bosnia and Herzegovina.


"We are extremely pleased that after a series of limited editions of Sky Cole dedicated to DC's superheroes, we finally have an edition dedicated exclusively to one superhero. We believe that Sky Cola in the sign of Wonder Women will be as popular and favorite as our previous editions ", said Davor Čičić, director of Sarajevo Kiseljak.


The products are Coke bottles in PET packs of 0.5L and 2 L. Look for them on the shelves now and follow the new adventures of Wonder Woman with the irresistible taste of your favorite coke.


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