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Nectar Angry Birds

Nectar Angry Birds

Nectar launched Kids 100% juices with Angry Birds characters

Territories: SERBIA

Licensor: Rovio
Category: Food, Beverage Confectionery and Personal Care
Licensee: Nectar/ Kids 100%
About Nectar

Nectar is one of leading regional beverage company producing juices being present primarily in Serbia and Slovenia with two main brands Nectar (Serbia) Fructal (Slovenia), both being the leaders in their respective markets (and all Ex Yu - Adriatic region). Company is having large portfolio of products targeting different groups. In 2013 awarded as best Serbian corporate brand. Company is focusing on high quality products, appliying highest ISO quality and production standards with focus to build long term partnership with customers, suppliers and local farmers. 

The project

Kids 100% are „small juices” for „big people”.

Kids juices are rich in vitamins a, c, d, e providing kids with nutrients needed for growth, and contain calcuim which help kids in bone anf theet growth, they also don’t contain any conservans, keeping mums happy!

Nectar launched range of juices with Angry Birds characters in 2016 together with Angry Birds movie release, and following excellent results re-launched the concept in 2017, engaging their little consumers by organizing prize winning game and bringing most creative kid and their family to Angry Birds park in Finland.



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