Poland. Harry Potter unboxing videos reach over 200.000 views!

Warsaw. ELC’s recent Harry Potter unboxing campaign with 7 Polish YouTubers has exceeded expectations given the reach of the participating influencers.

Unboxing videos are intended to support Smyk and Allegro Harry Potter activations by reaching younger audience at social media. Every video  is different in style, but reaches the tastes and preferences of the channel fans. A fancy package with various Harry Potter product samples was sent to 7 selected influcencers of general lifestyle, toys/games and pop culture/movies profile who are passionate about Harry Potter.

Each video and a supporting comment invites the viewers to shop at Smyk and Alegro and provides links to Harry Potter landing pages at the retailers online shops. Diverse YT channel demographics enabled reaching various groups of potential shoppers

The success of this campaign demonstrates high interest to the property and licensed products at this market.


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