Greece. Apparel and accessories products with FC Barcelona design presented by Stamion at Athens Fashion Trade Show

Stamatis Ioannidis & Son SA, founded in 1904 is the main supplier of licensed products of all hypermarkets, supermarkets and department stores in Greece. Their products can be found in home textile shops, toy shops, gift shops, kids apparel shops and souvenir shops and the company has had long term partnership with ELC for licensed products. 
Stamion has launched early of 2017 FC Barcelona collection for summer and winter. Each collection has big variety of beach towels, blankets, bedding, headwear, apparel, beach accessories, footwear, underwear, pajamas, bags etc. for kids who love football and their favourite team is Barcelona!
The range was presented on the yearly Fashion Trade Show in Athens, which was held between 26-29 January in 2018. 


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