Chipita Chipicao Angry Birds Promotion

Chipita Chipicao Angry Birds Promotion

Chipicao single croissant, mini croissants and biscuits with Angry Birds

Chipita released Chipicao products with Angry Birds characters on March 2017 in more than 25 countries in Eastern Europe and Russia with TV placement in more than 15 countries and POP material.

Territories: GREECE

Licensor: Rovio

Category: Promotion

Licensee: Chipita

About Chipita

Chipita was established in Greece in 1973 as a company producing and marketing savoury snacks. 

Chipita has been operating outside Greece since 1995 by setting up manufacturing plants in Bulgaria, Portugal and Egypt, followed by Poland, Romania, Russia and Saudi Arabia and more recently India, Turkey and Malaysia. At the same time, Chipita also set up commercial offices in 6 countries- Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Chipita is currently present internationally in 4 major product categories- croissants and similar dough products, savoury snacks (Bake Rolls), cakes and confectionery.

Chipita’s goods produced in 18 manufacturing plants in 10 different countries, are delivered to consumers in a total of 67 countries, either directly or through strategic partnerships. 

The project

Chipicao is Chipita’s brand for kids, marketed in 18 countries. Chipicao includes great tasting products such as croissant, mini croissants, biscuits and hazelnut spread portions. 
Εvery pack of croissant, mini croissants & biscuits includes a collectible free insert, always related with the most popular themes.


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