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Angry Birds Zagoraki Water

Angry Birds Zagoraki Water

ZAGORAKI 330ml PET bottle for kids with Angry Birds
The favorite bottle of kids, featuring a yellow cap and a label illustrating popular heroes from around the world. 
The bottle is available in supermarkets and special points of sale for kids.

Territories: CYPRUS

Licensor: Rovio

Category: FMCG

Licensee: Chitos SA

About Chitos SA

CHITOS S.A. is an innovative Greek company that leads the bottled water industry. Established in Ioannina, they started their soft drink bottling business in 1955 and they launched their famous “ZAGORI” Natural Mineral Water in 1988. Slowly and steadily, they have become a dynamically growing Company, constantly and substantially contributing to the Greek economy.

Exports are a key factor for the growth of Chitos SA. They export ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water across the globe, from Europe, the Balkans and Russia, up to the USA, Canada and Australia. The ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water label has been translated into 10 foreign languages, and the product is bottled in packages that comply with the requirements of each country and meet the needs of consumers.

The project

Angry Birds Zagoraki natural mineral water is here for kids at school or play to give them fun and to quench their thirst. The multipack of 6 bottles water has Angry Birds heroes on, with yellow cups in size the kids can carry and take with them. All the labels in the bottles have surprises that will take kids in the Angry Birds fun world with puzzles, games and riddles.


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